X-ray Imaging at Guthrie

X-rays are the most common form of medical image. Guthrie can take X-ray pictures of many parts of your body for many different reasons, with chest X-rays being the most common when patients have health problems related to the heart or lungs. X-rays are also used for when someone has an injury from an accident or trauma and can look for arthritis, infection, fractures and more, even helping to detect and diagnose bone cancer. Although X-rays use radiation, the most common X-ray pictures give very low doses of radiation to the patient. Guthrie is strongly committed to radiation safety and has a policy of using a radiation dose that is As Low as Reasonably Achievable (the ALARA promise). Digital X-ray technology is used to capture, store and display images by computer. All X-ray images are stored permanently in eGuthrie, your electronic medical record.

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Common X-ray Imaging:

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