Guthrie Nephrology treats adults with kidney disease. For patients requiring dialysis, Guthrie is the only service in the Twin Tiers region to provide the convenience and flexibility of a home-based dialysis program.

Guthrie Nephrology offers evaluation for the following symptoms:

  • Acute renal failure, a sudden loss of renal function
  • Chronic kidney disease, declining renal function, usually with an unavoidable rise in creatinine, phosphate in muscle, a break-down product of creatinine
  • Hematuria, blood in the urine
  • Proteinuria, the loss of protein especially albumin in the urine
  • Recurrent kidney stones
  • Chronic or recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Hypertension that has failed to respond to multiple forms of anti-hypertensive medication
  • Electrolyte disorders or acid/base imbalance

Depending on insurance, patients may be required to have a referral from a physician or nurse practitioner.

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