We Care About ALL of You

Your health is affected by many things, including what you eat, how much you exercise, your genetics and family history.

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are things in your environment that can also impact your health. They include basic needs such as food, shelter and transportation.

We want to know more about the factors affecting your health. At an upcoming appointment, we may ask you things like:

  • Do you have a way to make it to and from your doctor’s appointments or to fill your prescriptions?
  • Are you worried about having a safe, healthy place to sleep?
  • Are income problems causing you a lot of stress?
  • Can you afford all of your medications?
  • Do you and your family have enough to eat?

If you are having difficulty with any of these, we may be able to connect you with the help you need. Our goal is to help you and your family become and stay as healthy as possible.

Please use the form below to request assistance.