Imagining Tomorrow. Today.

Guthrie is committed to staying at the forefront of health care innovation and developing new ways of delivering exceptional care.   

Now, we are imagining technology and people coming together - to advance the level of care we provide.  

Our new virtual care center merges advanced technology with our team of talented caregivers to create an innovative, patient-centered health care system.     

The state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities in our virtual care center allow us to quickly spot changes in a patient's condition and take action when moments matter most. This gives health care providers greater flexibility, allowing them to proactively intervene when necessary while providing patients with easier access to quality care. 

With this revolutionary model, Guthrie is leading the way toward a brighter future in health care – one that continues to place YOU at the center of all we do, with compassion as our guiding principle.  

Join us on our journey as we continue to push boundaries, innovate through technology, and revolutionize health care.  

Supporting Our Caregivers


Critical care physicians, also known as intensivists, specialize in unstable and seriously ill patients with unpredictable medical prognoses. As part of the Guthrie Pulse Center, intensivists work with bedside care teams to deliver specialist expertise at important moments in a patient’s journey, ensuring patients receive care at an appropriate level of intensity and there are no delays.  

Virtual Intensive Care

The virtual intensive care unit (vICU) is staffed by registered nurses (vRN) with more than five years’ experience in an ICU setting. Additionally, these nurses have trained and coached other newer nurses in their career and have specialty critical care certification. The vRN does not replace the care at the bedside. This role provides an additional layer of support to ICU teams across the Guthrie system using two-way audiovisual communication combined with software that tracks patient clinical data. This approach advances the delivery of high quality, safe patient care. Together, our highly trained vICU and bedside care teams work to provide our patients with the best, most compassionate care.  

Virtual Medical/Surgical Care 

Virtual med-surg nurses provide assistance with a variety of tasks, enabling bedside nurses to spend more time on direct patient care. These nurses assist with:  

  • Nurse support and mentoring  
  • Medication administration support and second sign-off for high-risk medications  
  • Patient and family education  
  • Sepsis monitoring  
  • Improving documentation rates  


Telesitters are becoming more common in health care facilities. These professionals provide an additional layer of care that can be especially helpful for bedside staff. Guthrie’s telesitters offer enhanced support to patients across the system by monitoring their assigned patients 24/7 and paying attention to any movements or changes in behavior. By being alert to patient movement, telesitters can alert the bedside staff to any changes in a patient's condition, providing an extra level of safety and helping to prevent falls or other complications. Each telesitter monitors up to 12 patients. We are able to alarm the cameras, call for bedside help for patients, or talk to the patient directly.  

Innovating Through Technology

Transfer Center

Included within the Guthrie Pulse Center is the Guthrie Transfer Center. This team monitors capacity at each Guthrie hospital and tracks patients needing to be transferred within the Guthrie system or to or from another regional hospital for a higher level of care. This coordinated care allows patients to receive the right care in the right place, at the right time.  

Elevating The Way We Care For Our Patients

The Patient Experience 

Guthrie has high-resolution cameras in our patient rooms to allow observation and communication between the bedside and virtual nurses. The virtual nurse at an off-site location monitors patients’ vitals, utilizes technology to detect patterns and behaviors that can signal a clinical deterioration event and assists the bedside nurse. The virtual nurse will request approval before turning on the camera in the room. The camera is never used for recording purposes.  

Better Patient Outcomes

“Guthrie is excited to be able to use technology and innovation to enhance our patient care. The patient is truly at the center of all we do and if we can continue to challenge the ways we provide care we will see better patient outcomes.”
Deb Raupers

Deb Raupers

Executive Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer