Developing Your Expertise 

Guthrie is focused on providing nurses opportunities to advance and grow. As an organization that values you, we want to ensure we are fulfilling your professional passion and providing you with the training and support to be successful. Our OR Nurse Fellowship program is designed to assist nurses as they transition into a perioperative role.  

OR Nurse Fellowship at a Glance: 

  • Up to a $25,000 sign-on bonus 
  • 6-month program 
  • Diverse case schedule  
  • Unit-based training 
  • State-of-the-art technology and robotics 
  • Each fellow is paired with an experienced preceptor  
  • Opportunity for clinical advancement 
  • Orientated to both RN circulator and scrub roles 
  • Rotate through core group of specialties 
  • Recently elevated to a Level I Trauma Center 
  • Full benefits package available, including 403(b) retirement plan 
  • Work with an amazing team, focused on optimal patient outcomes 

Perioperative Care At Guthrie  

Guthrie surgeons have extensive training and provide care in the following areas: 

  • Gastrointestinal tract (gallbladder, colon, liver and pancreas) 
  • Abdomen (hernias, spleen, and retroperitoneum) 
  • Endocrine system (thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland) 
  • Breast (skin, soft tissue and breast surgery) 
  • Surgical emergencies (trauma and appendicitis) 
  • Skin 
  • Trauma and critical care 

We use the latest diagnostic and surgical technologies, including robotics, while offering laparoscopic, minimally invasive procedures with smaller incisions, so patients can recover more quickly and with less pain.  

General surgery and specialized surgeries:  

  • Bariatric surgery 
  • Breast surgery 
  • Colorectal surgery 
  • Pancreatic surgery 
  • Hepatobiliary surgery 
  • Liver surgery 
  • Surgical oncology 
  • Hernia surgery 
  • Trauma surgery 

Become OR Strong 

Get the conversation started today! Contact Jeff Callanan, Sr. Recruiter, at 570-887-6320 or  

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