Nursing Referral Bonus

Nurse Recruiting

It’s In Our Hands

The responsibility for ensuring excellence in patient care rests in our hands – in all our hands. We offer an opportunity for each of our employees to be recognized for helping to continue our tradition of excellence. A referral bonus is available to Guthrie employees who refer an experienced RN or LPN that we hire.  


To get credit, the referral must include your name on their application as the person making the referral.

We know that our best nurses are those referred by people who truly enjoy their work here. Who better to offer insight into why other talented people should join Guthrie than the ones who are already part of our team?

And the Referral Bonus? That’s in our hands too.

  • When you refer an experienced RN that we hire, you’ll receive a $7,500 bonus*
  • When you refer an experienced LPN that we hire, you’ll receive a $2,500 bonus*

What better way to earn extra money for a dream vacation, to pay off bills or to put toward a child’s education?

Our patients are counting on us. Think about the experienced RNs and LPNs you know who would be great additions to the Guthrie team.  Continued excellence in patient care is in our hands. 

*Bonus paid to current employees in 3 installments over 3 years