Tioga Downs Casino Resort Offers Respite to Frontline Workers

May 25, 2021
Tioga Downs Casino Resort Offers Respite to Frontline Workers

In order to recognize and reward health care workers who have been fighting on the frontlines to defeat the pandemic in our region, Tioga Downs Casino Resort provided Guthrie employees with a special treat. Every Sunday through Thursday during the month of March, Guthrie employees were offered one complimentary room at the Tioga Downs Resort, along with a $20 food credit to be used at one of their onsite dining venues (Coaster’s Sports Bar, Java G’s, PJ Clarke’s, and the Kitchen at Tioga Downs). 

“In recognition of the dedication of the Guthrie health care workers in helping to fight the pandemic, we thought they might enjoy a hotel stay and are pleased that it was well received,” said Jeff Gural, owner of Tioga Downs. 

More than 250 Guthrie employees took advantage of this generous gift, which was valued at more than $30,000.   

Guthrie staff used the opportunity in a variety of ways - some celebrated anniversaries, some brought their children for an overnight adventure and others used the time to recharge their batteries.   

Dr. Joseph Scopelliti, Guthrie’s President and CEO said, “This special promotion was just one of the ways Jeff Gural and Tioga Downs have supported the region during the pandemic. Gural was one of the first to donate much needed Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), along with hand sanitizer and other supplies.”  

In addition to the generous support provided to Guthrie, Gural and Tioga Downs have supported local communities in various ways, including distributing food to those in need on numerous occasions throughout the region.