Hope Endures Despite 2021 Guthrie Gala Cancelation

August 17, 2021
hope endures

Due to ongoing health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, Guthrie Gala 2021 is canceled, but the Sayre House of Hope, which benefits each year from the Gala, still needs community support to fulfill its important mission. The “Hope Endures” campaign for the Sayre House of Hope offers community members a way to support this essential resource.

The Sayre House of Hope provides affordable, temporary housing and support to Guthrie patients and families 365 days a year. It provides a home away from home for family members of patients who travel to the Sayre campus. Whether individuals have daily treatments that make it difficult to travel to and from home, or they have a family member in the hospital for an extended period of time, the Sayre House of Hope can provide a much-needed place to stay during a difficult time.

Elizabeth Hibbard, Resident Manager, Sayre House of Hope said, “The House of Hope helps give families an opportunity to heal. Without the availability of the House of Hope to support families through their medical crisis, some simply would not be able to get the quality care they need for their loved ones. The generous donations we receive help us to continue to be a sanctuary for those in need of medical treatment, and their loved ones who support them.”

Tricia Huston, Director, Resource Development, Guthrie said, “The average stay for families at the House of Hope is three to five nights. The same length stay at a local hotel would cost between $350 and $550 dollars. Because of generous contributions to campaigns like “Hope Endures”, these families were are able to stay at the House of Hope for a more affordable cost, allowing them to focus on their family, instead of financials, during difficult times.”

For more information on the Sayre House of Hope and the Hope Endures initiative visit www.guthrie.org/gala. 

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