Guthrie Warns Patients of Current Phone Scam

October 7, 2022

Guthrie has learned that some of our patients have been victims of a phone scan. The caller may make repeated attempts until someone answers. They report that the patient was dis-enrolled in Medicare and in order to be seen, they need to re-enroll, immediately. The caller asks for social security number, banking information and demographics. The originating call displays as Guthrie in the patient’s caller ID. 
Although this can be very confusing for individuals, please be aware that this is a scam. There are circumstances in which Guthrie may contact a patient, including to request that they pre-register in advance of a procedure or test or to attempt to collect payment on an outstanding account. Legitimate phone calls come from Guthrie Financial Counselors or Patient Representatives.  
If in doubt, residents who receive such calls should hang up and call back to verify that the call actually came from Guthrie. Residents who receive fraudulent calls are asked to contact local law enforcement agencies.