Guthrie Urges Community to "Protect the Heroes" in Fight Against COVID-19

April 14, 2020

A unique opportunity to support the emerging needs of hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic is a click away. Protect the Heroes is a national initiative to raise desperately needed money for critical hospital resources, including hundreds of millions of masks and other materials for the physicians, nurses, and caregivers who are treating coronavirus patients and are at greater risk due to a nationwide shortage of PPE.

Individuals can visit and, with a single click, be connected to the website of a local hospital of their choosing to contribute to hospital emergency relief funds. Hospitals face severe shortages of all forms of PPE and have multiple financial needs related to COVID-19. Each hospital will determine where funds should be applied to make an important difference during this unprecedented time.

Joseph Scopelliti, MD, Guthrie President and CEO said, “The COVID-19 pandemic will have financial consequences for our hospitals. To address the needs of patients and caregivers impacted by COVID-19, and to support emerging areas of greatest need, Guthrie has set up an Emergency Response Fund for those who may be interested in providing immediate resources to be deployed for this and future emergencies. A donation to Guthrie’s Emergency Response Fund, through the Protect the Heroes campaign, ensures all of Guthrie’s facilities have the supplies they need to treat the communities we serve during these unprecedented times.”   

“We created Protect the Heroes so that if you just have $1 to spare, you can make a difference at this critical time for the hospital that serves you and your family. Donations are going directly to give the hospital workers in your community the support that they desperately need,” said The Creative Coalition CEO Robin Bronk. “The Creative Coalition is honored to launch #ProtectTheHeroes with the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy and the American Hospital Association to help our frontline hospital workers win the fight against coronavirus.”