Guthrie Seeks Volunteer for Round 2 of Lyme Disease Vaccine Study

July 10, 2023

Guthrie Clinical Research is currently seeking adults and children over age 5 for Round 2 of a study evaluating a potential vaccine for Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that can cause serious long-term symptoms if left untreated. Currently, there are no approved vaccines available to prevent Lyme disease in exposed populations. 

Healthy individuals, age 5 and up, who live in places or participate in activities that increase their risk for Lyme disease may be eligible to participate. Risk factors for Lyme disease include: 

  • Outdoor occupations such as landscaping, forestry, or wildlife and parks management. 
  • Frequent outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or gardening. 
  • Living in or frequently visiting wooded areas, tall grass, open fields, lakesides, or riversides. 
  • Owning a pet that may return from outdoors with attached ticks. 

Note: These are not the only eligibility criteria for this clinical research study. A clinical research team member will help determine if this study is right for you based on all participation criteria. 

If approved, participants will receive 4 injections in their upper arm and be asked to attend at least 7 in-person study visits, including 4-5 visits with blood draws, over the course of 30 months. Participants can change their mind and leave the study at any time. There is no cost to participate, health insurance is not required, and those who take part in the study will be compensated for their time.  
Individuals who want to know if they qualify for this study should call Guthrie Clinical Research at 1-800-836-0388 or click here for more information.