Guthrie Recognizes National Women Physicians Day

February 3, 2020

National Women Physicians Day recognizes the strides that have been made by generations of women doctors, including the balance that allows women to succeed professionally while also maintaining family life.

At Guthrie, the Guthrie Women In Medicine group is active in celebrating and supporting the accomplishments of women physicians, bringing improvements to the workplace for the growing number of women physicians entering the field of medicine and encouraging young women to consider a career in medicine.

Katherine Lincoln, DO, FAAFP, Guthrie Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Physician and Guthrie Women in Medicine Networking Chair, said “Guthrie proudly supports our 109 female physicians. We enjoy encouraging and empowering female scientists and are proud of our profession. It is an outstanding time to be a woman in medicine.”

Celebrated annually on February 3, National Women Physicians Day marks the birthday of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States in 1849. Dr. Blackwell initiated the movement that helped women gain entry and equality in the field of medicine. We will honor our Guthrie female physicians by observing National Women Physicians Day on Monday, February 3.