Guthrie Receives Grant to Expand HealthySteps Program for Young Children

November 14, 2023

New grant funding will enable Guthrie to enhance its offerings for children ages 0-3 in our pediatric office at Corning Centerway. The HealthySteps Program grant gives Guthrie the resources to hire an additional social worker with early childhood development training to serve as a liaison between children, ages 0-3 and their families, and the Guthrie health care team. 
The goal is to support social, emotional, and behavioral health, as well as the child’s overall development, by screening and intervening at an early age, when many are not yet in daycare or a school system and are therefore not as plugged in to available resources. 

“This program gives us one more way to influence families in a positive way,” said Guthrie Corning Pediatrician, Dr. Andrea Worley. “By being embedded in the department, this HealthySteps social worker will help families get the care they need while they are already here. There is a lot of data that shows that focusing on the health, development and overall well-being of children in the first three years of life, positively impacts their health into adulthood.”

The additional staff and training made possible by this grant will enhance the services Guthrie already provides. And it is a model of what we hope to achieve in pediatric offices throughout the Guthrie footprint.