Guthrie Issues New Warning of Caller ID Scam

January 2, 2024

Guthrie has once again been made aware that residents have received fraudulent phone calls that display Guthrie on Caller ID. Technology allows perpetrators to alter information on the recipient’s Caller ID so Guthrie’s name appears. This is a common practice that happens to organizations nationwide. 
In the most recent case, a caller identifies himself as a staff member from a Guthrie location that matches the fraudulent Caller ID. He asks for specific Medicare information to update the individual’s information. This scam is not new, but it has been active again in recent days. 
There are circumstances in which Guthrie may contact a patient, including requesting that they pre-register in advance of a procedure or test which the patient has already scheduled or attempting to collect payment on an outstanding account. Residents who receive such calls can hang up and call back to verify that the call actually came from Guthrie. 
Residents who receive fraudulent calls are asked to contact local law enforcement agencies.