Guthrie Hosts Wedding

October 14, 2021
Guthrie Hosts Wedding

Staff at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital came together this week to make a meaningful difference in the lives of a patient and his family. The health of Utpal Roychowdhury, of Sayre Pa., started to quickly decline just weeks before his daughter’s wedding, scheduled for the end of October. Utpal’s family understood that his diagnosis of Glioblastoma, a terminal brain tumor, would not leave them with much more quality time.  

Determined to have her father be the one to give her away, Cassiopeia Roychowdhury shared her wishes with her father’s care team at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital. Knowing time wasn’t on their side, staff sprang into action quickly, pulling together the items necessary for a beautiful, traditional Hindu ceremony. 

Fit with traditional Hindu music, food, dress and prayers, the ceremony was everything the bride could have asked for, given the circumstances. The best part she says, was having her father by her side.  

Cassiopeia Roychowdhury said, “This is incredible. Thank you to my father’s nurses, doctors, and all of the Guthrie staff that came together to make this possible.”   

Dr. Patricia Fogelman, Medical Director, Palliative Medicine, Guthrie said, “I’m extremely proud of the work my team does to create these extraordinary moments for our patients and their families. This family will leave our hospital with a lifelong memory of how we were able to honor this sacred moment in their lives with attention and sensitivity to both religious and cultural needs, working diligently to assure the care we give provides both dignity and compassion.”