Guthrie Clears The Way For New Cancer Treatment Center

July 31, 2020
Guthrie Clears The Way For New Cancer Treatment Center
Guthrie Clears The Way For New Cancer Treatment Center

Demolition of two Guthrie-owned properties has begun, making way for the new Guthrie Cortland Cancer Treatment Center, which is expected to break ground in September.

Following state and federal laws, crews performed abatement procedures before beginning the demolition of the two houses on Loope Street in July. The demolition process is expected to be completed by the end of July and surrounding homeowners should see little to no impact or disruption.

Key benefits of the new integrated cancer care center include:

  • Centralized location and services – providing a single, convenient point where patients can access multi-disciplinary care in radiation and medical oncology treatments, thus eliminating travel. Benefits include access to a full array of surgical and diagnostic services at Guthrie Cortland Medical Center.
  • The latest innovation and technology – the cancer treatment center will be home to the latest treatment protocols and provide access to the newest technology.
  • Enhanced patient experience – standardized exam rooms will minimize patient movement by performing all patient-related activities inside the exam room and will also include collaboration space for staff.
  • Comprehensive approach to care – our comprehensive team of board-certified specialists will work with patients through all aspects of living with cancer. The new center will enable us to offer supportive care programs in the same location where patients see their physicians.

Jennifer Yartym, President, Guthrie Cortland Medical Center said, “We have all been touched by cancer, if not personally, then through our friends, relatives, and neighbors. With an estimated 700 new cancer patients diagnosed annually in our region, the new cancer treatment center will allow us to provide high-quality, comprehensive care for our community members, close to home.”

About Guthrie Cortland Cancer Treatment Center:

The new 10,825 square foot Guthrie Cortland Cancer Treatment Center will revolutionize cancer care in the region by improving the patient experience and providing expert cancer care and coordinated services in one location. This $10.6 million facility will bring together radiation and medical oncology with a new state-of-the-art linear accelerator and 10 chemotherapy infusion chairs. The building will include six exam rooms, one exam/procedure room, and one patient meeting room. It will also feature two lab phlebotomy stations and onsite pharmacy for mixing chemotherapy drugs, space for four providers, and fully electronic medical records utilizing the Epic Beacon application.