Dr. Sharma Named Recipient of 2021 ACP Clinical Practice Award

November 29, 2021
Dr. Sharma Named Recipient of 2021 ACP Clinical Practice Award
Dr. Sharma Named Recipient of 2021 ACP Clinical Practice Award

Guthrie cardiologist Dr. Saurabh Sharma was recently named the recipient of the 2021 Clinical Practice Award for the Eastern Region of the Pennsylvania American College of Physicians (ACP).

This award recognizes a senior member internist for service as an excellent clinical practitioner for patients, the community and the profession. Qualities that might be recognized include long-time excellence in a practice setting providing patient-centered care, being known for collaboration with colleagues, serving as an excellent consultant to colleagues, being known as a leader in his/her medical community or community of residence, and serving as an excellent role model for colleagues.

Dr. Daniel Sporn, Chief of Cardiology at Guthrie said, “I am delighted and proud of the ongoing accomplishments of Dr. Saurabh Sharma. He is truly deserving of this award, given his never-ending commitment to his patients and to our values of patient-centeredness, teamwork, and excellence.”

Dr. Sharma was recognized during the annual Pennsylvania ACP meeting on November 20 in Harrisburg.

About ACP:
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