Donald Guthrie Foundation Awards Community Benefit Grant to Help Victims of Child Abuse

December 7, 2023
Donald Guthrie Foundation Awards Community Benefit Grant to Help Victims of Child Abuse

Guthrie was proud to award a $10,000 Donald Guthrie Foundation Community Benefit Grant to The Children's House Child Advocacy Center (CHCAC) in Towanda, Pa. CHCAC is the only organization in Bradford and Sullivan Counties involved in the investigation and prosecution of crimes against children. CHCAC also provides Trauma-Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  
The center provides a variety of services to the child victim and their protective caregivers such as forensic interviews, family advocacy, forensic medical exams, and therapy. It also offers the community a variety of prevention education curriculums for youth and adults. Its goal is to reduce trauma to children impacted by abuse and their caregivers by providing a supportive and collaborative environment.  
The money from this grant will be used to update the therapy wing at the CHCAC, including sound proofing panels, furniture and decorations, and calming items for the children.  
To qualify for a Donald Guthrie Foundation Community Grant, a project must address an identified area of need within the community based on the Community Health Needs Assessment. The following are the areas identified for fiscal years 2023-2025:

  • Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders 
  • Obesity (including childhood obesity) 
  • Cancer Screening & Prevention (including tobacco cessation) 

Priority is given to projects that demonstrate the following: 

  • Projects that leverage additional resources through grants or other outside funding resources. 
  • Projects that will address the needs in one or all of the 12 counties included in Guthrie's service area. 
  • Projects that address prevention or a systematic approach will be preferred. 
  • Projects that have measurable goals and the greatest potential to be self-sustaining. 

To find out more about the Donald Guthrie Foundation Community Grant Program, and whether or not your organization or program may qualify, head to Community Benefit Application Guidelines | Guthrie.