Materials Tested

The LEAP Testing Service offers services in determining the extractable proteins in latex products. We can test almost anything that contains latex proteins or that is suspected of being contaminated with latex proteins.

Materials Tested

We routinely test the following items:

  • adhesives
  • adhesive bandages
  • athletic gear
  • balloons
  • bandages
  • basketballs
  • catheters
  • children's toys
  • condoms
  • dental dams
  • dried latex films
  • elastic bands
  • erasers
  • fabrics
  • facemasks
  • flooring
  • footwear
  • gloves
  • liquid latex
  • medical devices
  • office equipment
  • reservoir bags
  • rubber bands
  • rubber mulch
  • syringe plungers
  • tobacco

For other types of samples, please call 570-887-4645 to discuss the feasibility of testing or special extraction conditions.

The minimum mass of sample needed for testing is about 0.5 grams.

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