Lourdes Epic Launch Patient FAQ

What is happening?

Guthrie is beginning the process to implement the Epic electronic medical record system at Lourdes locations. This will begin with inpatient departments, surgical care and emergency department at Guthrie Lourdes Hospital between June 8 and June 13. 

What is Epic?

Similar to systems such as Cerner and Athena that you may be familiar with as a Lourdes patient, Epic is an electronic medical record system that allows providers to view and share your medical information in one place. Guthrie has been using this system for more than 20 years and has earned national recognition for how we use it. 

Why is the system being rolled out only in the hospital right now?

The cyberattack against Ascension that caused disruptions to systems at Lourdes Hospital and clinics has sped up the timeline for the implementation of Epic at Lourdes, originally scheduled for October 1. A phased rollout will allow us to use resources most effectively for a safe implementation.  

Will this impact my bill?

Until Epic has been implemented at every Lourdes location, you will see separate bills. One will be for services provided at locations where Epic has launched. 

When will Epic be rolled out at other Lourdes locations?

We will continue a phased approach, and we expect all Guthrie Lourdes locations to be live with Epic by September. 

Will all of my past medical and medication history be available in Epic?

At this time, no. When the connection to Ascension systems was cut after the cyberattack, we lost access to most patient health information and are therefore unable to transfer it to the new system. Rest assured, we are able to view much of your health information such as allergies through the New York health information exchange.

How do I request copies of my medical record?

Click here, to complete an authorization form and return it to the release of information office.

Does Epic have a patient portal?

Yes. The Epic patient portal is called MyChart, which we call eGuthrie. 

How do I sign up for eGuthrie?

Visit eGuthrie.org and follow the steps to “Sign Up Without a Code.”

If my health history is not available, what can I use eGuthrie for?

With the launch of Epic for inpatient, surgery and emergency department services, you will be able to access information about any care you receive at Guthrie Lourdes Hospital -- such as imaging and test results, and after-visit summaries -- and you will be able to pay your hospital bill. When we roll out Epic to clinic locations, you will be able to access information about your care there.

I have an eGuthrie account because I have received care at another Guthrie location. Do I have to create another account?

No. Information about care you receive at Guthrie Lourdes Hospital and all the information from your past Guthrie visits, including your health history from care received at those locations, will be available to you in one place.