LEAP Test Results

Each report is given a unique report number along with the name of the assay performed. If you have a question about the results of a particular test please reference the report number on the certificate. When interpreting the results, remember that:

  • The results relate only to the item(s) tested.
  • Reports cannot be reproduced, except in full, without the written consent of the LEAP Testing Service.
  • The average turn around time from receipt of samples to the issuance of results is four to five business days.
  • Results will be sent as per the information provided in the sample submission form: mail or electronic (pdf). Be sure to choose all formats that you wish to receive. Remember that for audit purposes it may be necessary to have the hand signed copy. Consider this point when requesting the format of the report.
  • If you wish to have the results forwarded to another individual, include their name, address and email address at the time samples are submitted.
  • The results are reported as micrograms/ml, protein/gram sample and/or micrograms protein/square decimeter.
  • The report may be withheld for non-payment.

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