IRB Meeting Schedule

The IRB meets monthly to review and discuss clinical research studies that a physician or staff member would like to conduct within the Guthrie.

IRB meetings will be held in the Guthrie Clinic Board Room, Mansfield University Center/Student Resident Building, South Wilber Avenue, at 5:15pm on the first Monday of each month.

2016 Meeting Dates

  • January 4
  • July 6 (1st Wednesday)
  • February 1
  • August 1
  • March 7
  • August 29 (last Monday)
  • April 4
  • October 3
  • May 2
  • November 7
  • June 6
  • December 5

Meetings are held the first Monday of each month unless otherwise noted

IRB Deadlines for Investigators and Coordinators

  • One month prior to the IRB meeting, one complete draft application (including protocol, consent form and Investigator’s Brochure) is due.
  • Two weeks prior to the IRB meeting, 16 final applications with revisions incorporated are due.  Also, submit one copy of the Investigator Drug Brochure when applicable.
  • Principal Investigator or Sub Investigator is required to present their study at the IRB meeting
  • Three weeks prior to the IRB meeting, protocol continuing review applications are due.

Submit applications to Lori Robinson, IRB coordinator, Guthrie Foundation (, or call 570-887-4885)