Important information for eGuthrie Users

Longer, complex messages could result in a charge 

Communication is an important part of your relationship with your health care provider. Over time, some patients have begun to use electronic messaging to receive more and more care. Messages can vary in the amount of time it takes the clinician to respond. Most messages can be answered quickly, but longer messages may result in a charge. This would be submitted to your insurance, but you may be responsible for any co-pay or out-of-pocket expense. If your question is about a complex topic, you may want to schedule an appointment in eGuthrie or by calling 866-GUTHRIE (866-488-4743).

Most messages in eGuthrie will not lead to a charge. Messages to schedule an appointment, request a prescription refill or ask about a bill or non-medical issue will not be charged.

You will see a notice when you choose the "ask a medical question" option in eGuthrie messaging. This notice explains that longer messages could lead to a bill; by moving ahead with your message, you acknowledge that you know you may be billed. 

Types of messages that could lead to a charge 

Some messages we answer when you "ask a medical question" could lead to a charge. We may charge for messages that require your provider to do the same type of work that would happen at an in-person or virtual visit. This could include: 

  • New symptoms or medical problems requiring an assessment of referral 
    • Doctor Smith ordered lab work. Can you please review these results and give me your opinion?” 
    • I was seen at another hospital and I would like your opinion about these lab results.” 
    • I am having these symptoms and I am concerned. What do you think?”  
    • I have been doing research and would like your opinion about (medical marijuana, CBD, herbal supplements, etc.).” 
    • Please look at this picture of a rash on my leg.” 
  • Adjustments to your medication 
    • I think my medicine is giving me side effects. Can we try something different?” 
  • Management of a chronic condition, or a change to that condition 
    • My asthma has been really bad lately. What should I do?” 
  • Questions that cannot be answered in one email 


Types of messages that are unlikely to lead to a charge 

Most messages within eGuthrie will not lead to a charge. Examples include: 

  • Follow-up questions or messages within seven days of an appointment or a question that results in an appointment in seven days 
    • I have a question about the lab work you ordered.” 
  • Updating your provider 
    • You asked me to send you my blood pressures. Here they are.” 
    • You asked me to send you my blood sugar. Here you go.” 
  • Messages that take only a short time to answer. 
    • How much Tylenol can I give my child?”