Annual Guthrie Hospice Butterfly Release

August 30, 2020
Annual Guthrie Hospice Butterfly Release

Below is a video of the Annual Guthrie Hospice Butterfly Release ceremony. For the health and safety of our community, Guthrie Hospice decided to hold the event virtually this year.

The annual butterfly release celebrates the lives of loved ones who have died during the past year. Butterflies were available for purchase through Guthrie Hospice and a major portion of those proceeds supports the mission of Guthrie Hospice. We would like to thank the following individuals for honoring their loved ones with a gift to support Guthrie Hospice:

First Name Last Name   Donated by
Ellen Bellingham   The Family
Joyce Bolton   Bucky Bolton
Richard Brill   Rebecca Ritton
Helen Brill   Rebecca Ritton
Ted Brown   Ruth Brown
Adelheid Buβer   Anja & Josh Miller
Wolfgang Buβer   Anja & Josh Miller
Reva Cardi   Linda Kerr
Reva Cardi   Leo Cardi
Reva Cardi   Dr. Nate Townsand & Family
Reva Cardi   Theo
Reva Cardi   Milo
John & Liz Cartieri   The Robinson Family
Richard  Chappell   Linda Nickerson
Carolyn Chappell   Linda Nickerson
Suzanne Cochi   The Cochi Family
Jeff Cochi   The Cochi Family
Arnold Cochi   The Cochi Family
Phyllis  Cochi   The Cochi Family
Dewey Cokely   Patricia Cokely
James Collins, Sr   Sandra Collins
Ariah Cook   Nancy & Rodney McConnell
Marcia Delamater   Jeanenne Spencer
Donald Delamater   Victoria Delamater
Marcia Delamater   Victoria Delamater
Karen Delamater   Victoria Delamater
Donald Delamater   Ann Delamater
Marcia Delamater   Ann Delamater
Karen Delamater   Ann Delamater
Donald Delamater   Terri Johnson
Marcia Delamater   Terri Johnson
Karen Delamater   Terri Johnson
Donald Delamater Sr   Jeanenne Spencer
Joseph  DePoto   Sharon DePoto
Arthur Dickerson   Johann Dickerson
Dana Fay   Jean Fay
Eunice Fessenden   Wanda Johnson
Louella Franklin   Willard Franklin
Agnes Frawley   Dianne Chomko
Patricia Hall   Alan Hall
Janet Hillis   Margo Roof
Helen Horton   Carolyn Luft
Scott Jennings   Larry Jennings
Doris Johnson   Donald Johnson
Burton Jones   Cindy Jones
Russell Jones   Carol Jones
Joyce Kelley   Amy Kelley
Sam Kelley   Amy Kelley
James Kelley   Amy Kelley
Doris Kelley   Amy Kelley
Brenda Kelley   Amy Kelley
Colin Kelley   Amy Kelley
Francis  Kelley   Amy Kelley
Dr. John Kelly   Carolyn Luft
Dr. William Luft   Carolyn Luft
Donald Manvell   Beverly Manvell
J. Edward Miller   Theresa Saik
Aunt Sharon Miller   Serenity Miller
Al  Nickerson   Linda Nickerson
Al Nickerson   Cherilyn Ayres
Ruth Potter   Amy Kelley
Phyllis Potter   Margo Roof
Gary Powers   Carolyn Luft
Charles Radney   Laurie Shanks
Mary Radney   Laurie Shanks
Nancy Robbins   Jeff Robbins
Gene & Eleanor Robinson   The Robinson Family
James Donald Roof   Margo Roof
Elsie Ross   Jerry Ross
David Rossi   Margarite Cheney
Ella Rossi   Margarite Cheney
Maureen Schmid   Frank Schmid
Maureen Schmid   Frank, Dan & Brian Schmid
Fred Toothaker   Carol Myfelt
Beverly Varner   Evan & Griffin Varner
Derek Wandell   Karen Wandell
Merle Watson   Carmel Watson
Dr. Don Weaver   Carolyn Luft
Rich Wiley   Patty Wiley
All Past Hospice Patients     Bucky Bolton