Guthrie’s Veteran Patient Assistance Fund provides financial support for veterans or members of their immediate household struggling with a severe or chronic medical condition. During financial hardship, the Veteran Patient Assistance can help patients across the Guthrie network with direct financial support for household bills.

The Veteran Patient Assistance Fund was seeded in 2016 with a gift from the Sayre American Legion #283 and, since then, has received generous support from community donors like you. 

Veterans in nine regional counties of Pennsylvania and New York representing service to every military branch have benefited from this fund. The Guthrie Veteran Patient Assistance Fund began accepting applications for financial support from patients in 2017 and has operated on the generosity of staff, providers, and community donations. The Guthrie Veteran Patient Assistance fund has over 100 veteran requests for financial relief for housing, utilities, transportation, and medical supplies not covered by insurance.

What better way to thank veterans for their service than to support them in a time of need with a gift to the Guthrie Veteran Patient Assistance Fund today.

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