Diabetes Education and Support in Cortland

Equip yourself with the tools to manage your diabetes effectively. Guthrie Cortland Medical Center's ADCES-accredited Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Program is designed to help individuals with diabetes and their loved ones gain a better understanding of how to manage the condition, thereby improving their quality of life. 

As a participant, you’ll meet one-on-one with a diabetes educator to form a personalized action plan tailored to your needs, and then are invited to join our group classes – three sessions held weekly, each lasting 1.5 hours, discussing: 

  • ACDES7 Self-Care Behaviors: An integral part of managing diabetes. 
  • Understanding Disease Progression: Know what to expect and how to prepare. 
  • Goal Setting: Define achievable targets for a healthier future. 

Most insurance plans cover this program with an official diagnosis of Diabetes. 

To sign up for this program in Cortland, please call 607-756-3591 or submit your information below. 

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