Making an Impact

LukeExceptional Patient Care is Our Goal

Meet Luke. When Luke fractured his ankle this fall, his family turned to Guthrie for his care. With expanded access to walk-in clinics, Luke was able to receive the right care at the right time, close to home. Now Luke is back in the game. This would not be possible without you on our team. Your support allows us to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year.

From children, like Luke, with an urgent health need to those facing a devastating disease or experiencing the joy of welcoming new life, your gift provides the immediate resources needed to enhance patient care, invest in new technologies, and train the next generation of caregivers. Like a true MVP, your support in the final quarter will help us to ensure exceptional patient care is available close to home. Every patient. Every time.

Can we count on you to help patients like Luke?


Edmund Sabanegh

Edmund Sabanegh, MD, MBA
Guthrie President and CEO