Administrative Fellowship Program Overview

The program is designed to provide the Administrative Fellow with an applied learning/work experience through the completion of a structured two-year program. The first year is comprised of four project rotations. Projects are strategic in nature and have high organizational impact with large scope and complexity. The second year is designed to address targeted development needs. Fellows may be assigned projects ranging from program reviews to interim roles. Experiential learning assignments are fielded from across the system and evaluated by both the program leaders and the administrative fellowship advisory board.

Year 1:

  • Rotations through designated areas (inpatient, outpatient, quality, and foundational business) that each last three months. Each rotation involves the completion of a project that is strategic and has a high organizational impact.
  • Active participation in the organization’s Operations Council. This invaluable exposure to senior leadership helps to build connections across the system.
  • Fellows are encouraged to join committees, such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the Young Professionals Network, to widen their viewpoint and gain leadership experience.

Year 2:

  • During the second year, fellows experience a targeted track that focuses on specific areas identified through year one evaluations and feedback from the administrative fellow.
  • Recent year two assignments include project management within our Strategic Implementation Office, a business manager role for Guthrie’s surgical service lines, and interim director roles in practice management and hospital operations.
  • Fellows are encouraged to participate in additional leadership activities with an emphasis on networking and identifying the best post-fellowship fit for the individual.


  • We offer a competitive salary, and fellows are eligible for a full comprehensive benefits package.


Who oversees the Guthrie Clinic administrative fellowship?

Cori Belles, VP, Chief Talent and Experience Officer, and Jeffrey Grenzer, Director of Learning and Organizational Development, oversee the administrative fellowship program. Cori and Jeff will help fellows navigate throughout their projects and the organization.

Do I need to be a current student to apply for the program?

No, you do not need to be a current student to apply for the administrative fellowship.

Are international applicants eligible for the administrative fellowship?

No, we do not offer sponsorship for the administrative fellowship.