Our mission at Guthrie guides us to ensure an environment that respects and values diversity, providing equitable treatment to all who work, learn and receive care here. As the cultural landscape of the communities we serve continues to evolve, we have rededicated ourselves to increasing these efforts.

We envision a Guthrie where inclusion, diversity, and equity are a part of everything we do.

While we recognize this is a journey that will take time, it is one we are committed to.

We are working hard to ensure that our organization is one that is welcoming to every person, every time.

The Guthrie Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coalition has three primary areas of focus:

  • Patients – Ensuring that there is not a disparity in clinical outcomes experienced by underrepresented groups who are receiving care at Guthrie.
  • Employees – Have a defined, articulated and understood approach by Guthrie employees on how Guthrie values, celebrates and leverages diversity in our organization.
  • Communities – Identification of areas where underrepresented groups in our service area may be experiencing gaps/barriers in access to care.
LGBTQ+ Feedback

As the cultural landscape of the communities we serve continues to evolve, Guthrie is committed to increasing our efforts surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Giving all people the opportunity to express and share information about their identities in a welcoming and patient-centered environment allows better treatment and outcomes for all we serve.

We’re looking for your feedback! We’d like to know how Guthrie can better meet the needs of all those we care for. Your feedback below will provide valuable insight in helping us on this journey.