Guthrie offers a competitive wage and benefit package.  Below is a summary highlighting key benefits.  *(Benefit packages may change at any time. Benefit plan documents always take precedence over this or any other list.)     


  • Health Insurance – A comprehensive health insurance benefit plan is available for eligible employees, their spouses and dependent children.  The employee’s portion of premium is deducted from biweekly paychecks on a pre-tax basis.
  • Dental Insurance – Dental insurance plans are available for eligible employees, their spouses and dependent children.  The employee’s portion of premium is deducted from biweekly paychecks on a pre-tax basis.
  • Life Insurance – Eligible employees are covered by a group term life insurance policy with a core benefit provided at no cost.
  • Disability Insurance – Eligible employees with a qualified disability are protected against the loss of salary/wages.  Core benefits are provided at no cost to the employee.
  • Workers Compensation – Guthrie provides Workers Compensation benefits in accordance with Pennsylvania and New York State law for any work-related injury or illness resulting in absence from work.

Time Off with Pay

  • Guthrie offers a generous paid time off (PTO) program that allows eligible employees time off with pay for vacation, sick and holiday.
  • Bereavement Leave – Benefit eligible employees are provided with paid leave in the event of the death of an immediate family member.
  • Jury Duty – Benefit-eligible employees are provided full compensation while attending required jury duty service.


  • Retirement Benefits – The Guthrie Retirement Savings Plan is managed by Fidelity and has two components. The first provides an employer match to the voluntary contributions you make to the plan. The second provides an additional, automatic employer contribution based on your age. The plan works as follows:
    • Guthrie will match 50% of the contribution that you make into a 403(b) Fidelity plan (up to a maximum employer contribution of 3% of your salary). This means if you contribute 6% of your salary to the plan, Guthrie will contribute 3% to the plan; if you contribute 5% of your salary to the plan, Guthrie will contribute 2.5%, etc.
    • Additionally, Guthrie will automatically contribute to your 403(b) plan, using an age-based formula. Employees age 60 and older will receive a 3.5% contribution; those over age 50 will receive a 3% contribution, etc.
    • Employees who do not make contributions to the new plan will be automatically enrolled at a deferral rate of 3% of their salary (which will receive an employer match of 1.5%). This deferral will increase by 1% on an annual basis, to a maximum of 6%. Employees may opt out of the deferral contribution at any time and receive only the automatic age-based contribution.
    • This means, for example: Employees age 50 or older who contribute 6% of their salary into the new plan will see a Guthrie contribution of 6% (employer match of 3% plus age-based employer contribution of 3%), resulting in a total COMBINED contribution of 12% by you and Guthrie.
  • Corning Hospital Pension Plan – Corning Hospital eligible employees may enroll in the employer-funded pension plan after completing one year of service.  The employee earns a pension benefit based on a formula that includes salary and years of service.  Employees may contribute 1 percent of their pay to the plan and receive an enhancement to the base formula.
  • Tuition Reimbursement – For those wishing to finish their education or pursue more training, Guthrie reimburses for expenses for education and training.  The Guthrie tuition reimbursement program provides a minimum benefit of $3,000 annually for employees who are pursuing an Associates or Bachelors Degree in fields that pertain to career advancement at Guthrie.  In addition, specialized programs in nursing careers may provide up to $7,500 annually for employees pursuing their Bachelors or Masters Degree in Nursing.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts – Optional medical and dependent care accounts are available to meet your needs and the needs of your family.


  • Employee Assistance Program – The Guthrie Employee Assistance Program provides information, education, counseling and support to all employees and their family members, so that we each may reach our fullest potential as people and as employees. The service is free and confidential.
  • Pharmacy – Guthrie Clinic Pharmacy provides a variety of discount offers for over-the-counter medications and supplies, and reduced co-pays for employees and their families for the purchase of 90-day supply of prescriptions.
  • Malpractice Services – Guthrie provides all employees with scope of duty Professional Liability (Malpractice) Insurance and pays 100 percent of the premiums.
  • Direct Deposit – As a convenience and so that funds are immediately available, payroll checks can be deposited directly into your account with any bank that accepts ACH funds.
  • Employee Discounts – Guthrie provides a variety of discount offers for employees and their families for cell phone service, theme parks, regional shops and attractions.

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