Mammography ACR

Mammography continues to be the best screening method available for breast cancer. Improvements in imaging, such as digital mammography, produce fast, detailed images.

We recommend that all women age 40, or older have a yearly mammogram. However, women with an increased risk for breast cancer based on personal history, a strong family history or who have a genetic risk for cancer will need earlier screening and may need additional forms of screening beyond mammography. Guthrie offers these additional services, including breast ultrasound and breast MRI as part of its comprehensive breast imaging program.

Guthrie mammographers, including fellowship-trained subspecialists, are dedicated to breast imaging. Your digital images and their interpretation are part of your permanent electronic health record and so available to you and your physicians whenever necessary. Our services are available at several convenient locations in Pennsylvania and New York.

Pink Perks

Choosing Guthrie for your mammogram has its perks.

If you schedule your mammogram at any of our participating Guthrie locations, you’ll leave with Pink Perks, a card offering you great discounts at local businesses. Participating Guthrie locations include Big Flats, South Port, Corning Hospital in New York, Troy Community Hospital, Towanda and Wellsboro in Pennsylvania. To join Guthrie’s Pink Perks program, simply schedule your mammogram today at any of the above participating locations.

For more information about breast imaging technology:

The Guthrie Medical Imaging Patient Satisfaction Hotline: 1-888-833-3319

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