Year-By-Year Description

Away rotations for electives may be requested by any post-graduate trainee (PGT) who is in good standing, click here to learn more.


The "Intern" year. This year is primarily aimed at learning the art of pre-, peri-, and postoperative care of the surgical patient. The majority of the year is spent on the General Surgery service. Rotations on the Subspecialty Surgery service are also included in this year. Preliminary residents complete the same General Surgery and Subspecialty rotations.


Residents in their second year will see increased clinical responsibilities in General Surgery and Subspecialty Surgery. The primary focus is on critical care with rotations on the ICU service. Rotations in Pediatric Surgery, Transplant Surgery, and Trauma will be completed at the University of Rochester Medical Center.


In the third year, General Surgery residents will serve on the General Surgery and Subspecialty Surgery services. A rotation on research is included in this year where the resident has the opportunity to research areas of special interest.


This year is characterized by increased clinical and operative responsibilities in General Surgery and Subspecialty Surgery. During the Subspecialty Surgery rotation, the 4th year resident will act as Chief for the service. This year hones the surgical skills learned in previous years and career plans are established and/or finalized.


The "Chief" year. The surgical experience culminates in this year. The Chief residents have the ultimate responsibility for the General Surgery service as well as administrative and educational duties. The surgical skills learned throughout the residency are fine-tuned and career plans are set. By the end of this year, the resident has become a well-trained, competent general surgeon.