February is a time for giving cards, flowers, and love notes to the people closest to your heart. This Valentine’s Day, and every holiday of the year, Guthrie Corning Hospital will be filled with doctors, nurses, and staff working together to provide healing and hope for patients and their families.

We invite you to celebrate the dedication of the Guthrie Corning Hospital team who work tirelessly to provide compassionate care to our community – your loved ones, neighbors, and friends.

Show your heart for health care with a gift to Guthrie Corning Hospital this February.

A SPECIAL GIFT FOR YOU: With your donation, you will receive a heart shaped lapel pin or a plaque for your business to display so you can Show Your Heart for Health Care.

A SPECIAL GIFT FOR THE GUTHRIE CORNING HOSPITAL TEAM: Send your heartfelt encouragement to the Guthrie Corning Hospital care team with a Valentine which we will proudly display in our hospital lobby as a special February surprise to our care team.


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Guthrie Corning Hospital

”Our doctors, nurses, and staff put their hearts into the mission of Guthrie Corning Hospital every day. Delivering compassionate and genuine care to our community is at the heart of our work. I hope that we can count on your continued support of Guthrie Corning Hospital and wish you good health throughout the year.”
Felissa Koernig, JD, MBA, FACHE

Felissa Koernig, JD, MBA, FACHE

President, Guthrie Corning Hospital