Having a Guthrie Now visit without an eGuthrie account

  1. From the Guthrie website or the eGuthrie login page, patients can click the link to sign up without having an eGuthrie account.
    Start visit now

  2. You will be brought to a review window that discusses the visit and what is needed. Click I don’t have an account.
    “I don’t have an account”

  3. Choose the Country and State you (the patient) are located in.
    Choose the country and state

  4. Choose the reason for your visit.
    Choose the reason for your visit.

  5. Review estimated wait time and click the green “Put me in line” button.
    estimated wait time

  6. On the Does This Look Right review screen, choose to sign up. An option to log in is available if you remember log in information from the past.

  7. A pop-up box will appear asking if the visit is for you or someone else.
    the visit is for you or someone else

  8. You will be brought to a screen to sign up without an activation code. You can now create your eGuthrie account. If you choose to sign up someone else for a visit, you will be required to enter the patient’s information prior to signing up for eGuthrie. Once all appropriate forms are completed, you can create a username and password.
    sign up for an eGuthrie account

  9. After you’ve logged in, you’ll see a screen that allows to choose how you’d like to be notified when providers are ready to begin virtual visits. You can choose to be notified either by a free text or email message. Click the green Schedule button when you are finished to finalize scheduling the appointment.
    click the green “Schedule” button.