Have a Guthrie Now visit from your eGuthrie account

  1. Log in to eGuthrie on the app or here.
  2. In the Find Care menu, you will see a Guthrie Now option.
    Find Care menu
  3. Select the country and state where you are currently located. Remember, you must be physically located in Pennsylvania or New York.
    Select the country and state
  4. Choose the reason you need to be seen.
    Choose the reason you need to be seen.
  5. If you are using a computer, you will be offered the option to test hardware. (If you are using a mobile device, you will not see this screen.)
    Test hardware
  6. You will see the estimated wait time. Click the “Put me in line” button.
    Estimated wait time.
  7. On the summary page, enter some details about why you need to be seen. You can also choose to receive an email or a text (or both) when the provider is ready to see you. Click the green “Schedule” button when you are finished to schedule your appointment.
    Summary Page
  8. You are then brought to the review window. From here you can complete the eCheck-In process and join your visit.
    review window