Guthrie continues most services in most areas for our patients. This includes appointments such as routine annual visits and screenings. Due to the increase in COVID cases in our region, some elective procedures have been delayed.

Previously Scheduled Surgeries and Procedures

COVID is on the rise in our communities and is placing a significant strain on our staff and space. As a result:

  • Beginning December 15, we have postponed all non-emergent surgeries and procedures at our hospitals in Cortland and Corning, and at the Big Flats Same Day Surgery in Big Flats. This is in response to a mandate from New York state to increase capacity to care for COVID patients. Surgeries are postponed through December 28.
  • Beginning December 14, Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital is postponing some inpatient, non-emergency surgeries. The surgery schedule is reviewed two weeks in advance, and decisions about which surgeries can be safely postponed will be made in consultation with surgeons. Patients will be notified when the final decision is made regarding their surgery.

Urgent and emergency procedure and surgeries will continue at all Guthrie hospitals. 

Previously Scheduled Patient Appointments

Clinic visits for most patients continue as scheduled, including:

  • Sick/injured patients
  • New patients for surgical evaluation
  • Patients mid-treatment for diseases such as cancer
  • Coumadin patients
  • PT/OT visits
  • Other types of visits as determined by a provider
  • Regular cancer screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies

Call your provider’s office in advance of your appointment if you have any symptoms of illness. They can help you decide on the appropriate care.


Many visits can now be done through video conferencing over your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Talk with your health care provider or call 866-GUTHRIE (866-488-4743) to find out whether a telemedicine visit is an option for you.

We have implemented safety measures at all our clinics and hospitals.