A Message for the Community

A message from Dr. Joseph Scopelliti, President and CEO, and Paul VerValin, Chief Operating Officer:

The U.S. is in a complex and emotionally charged period. For most of us, this is a time for listening and for learning, to get a better understanding of the circumstances experienced by people of all backgrounds. At Guthrie, it is also a time to reflect upon and restate the Values we are founded upon. 

Guthrie vigorously opposes all forms of mistreatment, bigotry, or discrimination.  We pride ourselves on our heritage as a values-driven organization. These values give us direction and make it easier to understand and act in complicated and confusing circumstances.  

Our value of Patient-Centeredness is fundamentally about equality. There are no adjectives in front of the words Patient-Centered.  All patients are equal and deserve access to quality health care.    

Teamwork means Guthrie colleagues stand shoulder to shoulder, united by our commitment to our patients. No conditions or exceptions. We are a very diverse organization and we cherish that.   

Excellence goes to a greater commitment that we will treat all people and all institutions with respect and that we will do that overtly. And that we recognize that we are not passive players in our society but that we can all play a part in making this a better community for everyone. 

These values drive our commitment to act with kindness, with compassion, with dignity and respect, and with love. And those actions will speak for us, louder than any speech. That is what health care does. We act when and wherever needed, for all who need us.