Guthrie Occupational Medicine Earns Cash Bonus from Corning Inc.

Sayre, Pa. – The Section of Occupational & Environmental Medicine at the Guthrie Clinic, Ltd., was recently presented a commemorative certificate and a check in the amount of $10,500 by Corning Inc. in recognition of its meeting specific, contractual goals. This is the eleventh consecutive year in which Occupational Medicine has earned such recognition.

James Schuppert, MD, Director of Health Services at Corning Inc., commented, “Corning Inc. is, once again, pleased to recognize exemplary performance on the part of Guthrie Clinic in its Occupational Medicine contract with us. The program has proven both exceptionally functional and cost-effective and represents the progressive nature of this relationship. We look forward to another successful year in this regard despite  continuing economic pressures.”

Under Corning Inc.’s copyrighted Supplier Productivity Program (SPP), Guthrie’s Occupational Medicine Section has directly negotiated with Corning Inc. over the past eleven years with respect to expectations, goals, and deadlines in its performance of outpatient, comprehensive Occupational Medicine services to Corning Inc. in the Corning valley in New York. The SPP program has enabled both parties to monitor key service deliverables tied to financial incentives. The strategy has improved service offerings, care coordination and efficiency.

Theodore F. Them, MD, MS, PhD, MPH, FACOEM, Chief of the Section of Occupational & Environmental Medicine at Guthrie Clinic, Ltd., hailed the program as “a model for employer-healthcare system relations.” He attributed the overall success of the program to the diligence and professionalism of the physicians and staff at Guthrie’s Centerway office in Corning, New York. “Again, Dr. Robert Reed, Dr. Ping Gao, and their office staff at Guthrie’s Corning Centerway office, have put forth the outstanding effort necessary to drive this project to successful fruition. Dr. Jim Alexander and Dr. Kristine Perle, as well as Jennifer Yartym and her excellent staff of physical therapists, exercise physiologists, and nutritionists, have again provided recognized service on Corning Inc.’s Executive Health Program at Guthrie’s HealthWorks facility in Painted Post, New York. All deserve recognition for their contributions to this successful program.”

Over the past 11 years, Guthrie’s Section of Occupational Medicine has used the cash bonus from Corning Inc. to buy books, computers, special equipment, and many other items for Guthrie’s satellite offices in need. Last year, Occupation Medicine donated $68,000 of the accumulated cash awards toward purchases of two portable telemedicine units, which are being deployed now.

A redesigned format for Corning Inc.’s SPP was put in place for 2011 and, said Dr. Them, “While we are not yet perfect in meeting the stated objectives, we shall strive toward continuous improvement. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Corning Inc. along these lines.”

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