Guthrie HealthWorks Wellness & Fitness Center Announces Member of the Year

Corning, N.Y. – Guthrie HealthWorks Wellness & Fitness Center is pleased to announce that Mr. Raymond Kuenzli is the 2013 Member of the Year. Receiving five nominations from fellow members and staff, Mr. Kuenzli was recognized for his dedicated efforts to lead a more fit and active lifestyle. In addition to his personal efforts, Mr. Kuenzli was also recognized for the motivation and support he provides to others through his positive example.

“HealthWorks has helped me to change my life,” said Mr. Kuenzli. “When I first joined, I weighed over 450 pounds and had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Today I bike 10-20 miles a day, five days a week and I can even run. I have lost 120 pounds, reversed my diabetes and I’m still working toward my goals.”

Guthrie HealthWorks Wellness & Fitness Center was developed to promote wellness, health education, clinical rehabilitation services and fitness. The 45,000-square-foot, advanced facility is staffed by a professional, credentialed team that provides guidance and coaching to individuals working on personal fitness conditioning, health enhancement, injury recovery, lifestyle improvement and disease management.

“Honoring an inspirational Member of the Year is a great opportunity to showcase the benefits of living a fit and active lifestyle,” said Jennifer Yartym, Director of Guthrie HealthWorks and Rehabilitation Services. “At HealthWorks, we are privileged to help individuals work toward and reach their personal fitness goals.”

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Guthrie is a non-profit integrated health system located in north central Pennsylvania and Upstate New York, serving patients from an 11-county service area. Guthrie is comprised of a research institute, home care/hospice, hospitals in Sayre, Pa., Corning, N.Y., and Troy, Pa., as well as a multi-specialty group practice of more than 260 physicians and 130 mid-level providers in a regional office network encompassing sub-specialty and primary care sites in 23 communities throughout Pennsylvania and New York. Guthrie offers a wide range of services and programs designed to enhance the health and well-being of those it serves.