Guthrie Expands Services for Wound Care Patients

Sayre, Pa. – Guthrie is now offering a multidisciplinary approach to slow-healing wounds at the new Limb Preservation Center.

The Limb Preservation Center offers a coordinated treatment plan for wounds, especially lower extremity wounds that require an organized response from more than one specialty. Vascular surgery, infectious disease, endocrine and the wound care center will work together caring for patients with non-healing wounds. 

Farokh Samimi, MD, the Medical Director of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine and Silviu Marica, MD, a Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon, are excited about this new, coordinated approach that will streamline treatment for the patient and result in better outcomes.

Dr. Samimi said, “The patient will call one toll-free number and explain their situation. Maybe they have ulcerated wounds that have become infected, but they are also diabetic and have peripheral arterial disease. This new system will organize evaluations by endocrine, vascular surgery, infectious disease services and the wound care center to deal with this person’s needs.”

The toll-free number is 1-855-260-5462. Staff will schedule the patient for an appointment with a vascular surgeon and wound care physician for evaluation and course of treatment. The goal of the program is to organize the patient’s visits with the various providers into one day, to lessen the strain of travel.
Dr. Marica added, “This new system will work for physicians as well. One call gets them everything they need. If a primary care doctor is treating a wound that won’t respond, they can call the Limb Preservation Center and we can discuss options with them.”

One of the main concerns of the wound care team is the delay in seeing slow-healing wounds. David Dobson, Director of the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Program at Guthrie, says "Often the key to healing is early intervention. If a wound is not responding to treatment after the first few weeks, the patient should be referred to us for specialized care. We use hyperbaric oxygen therapy, mist therapy, total contact casting and biosynthetic skin equivalents with excellent results on hard-to-heal wounds.”

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