Do you offer a teaching certificate?

Yes, we offer completion of the ASHP Teaching Certificate as an option during the longitudinal Teaching and Learning experience. Many teaching opportunities exist for a variety of learner types as Robert Packer Hospital is a teaching hospital for many medical and allied health learners including pharmacy students from various schools around the region.

Am I allowed to moonlight during my PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency?

Yes, however each request is taken into consideration by the program director.  Hours may not violate ASHP duty hour standards.

Do I receive “paid time off” benefits?

Yes, residents receive 15 days of paid time off per year.  5 consecutive days may be taken at a time. 

Does Guthrie have policies on resident wellness?

Yes, Guthrie has strict policies on resident wellness.  Policies are enforced by the Program Director, Director of Medical Education, and the Designated Institutional Office (DIO).  Resources available include spiritual/pastoral services, Physician’s Health Program (PGHP), and the Employee Assistance Program (AEP). 

What do my duty hours include?

Duty hours include inpatient/outpatient care, in-house call, administrative duties, scheduled and assigned activities (conferences, committee meetings, and health fairs). 

Do I have the opportunity to attend the annual ASHP conference?

Yes, residents are required to help recruit future residents.  Current residents have the opportunity to attend ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and are encouraged to present poster(s) there.  

What are the requirements for graduation?

Criteria for achievement of residency are defined.  As part of each customized residency plan, resident progress is monitored at least quarterly throughout the year.