Understanding Hospital Charges

Background Information on Hospital Charges

As a non-profit health care organization, Guthrie Clinic’s physicians and employees are focused on improving the health and well-being of the communities it serves. In compliance with federal law, Guthrie Clinic is publishing its charges for all services provided at each of its five locations. These are charges of hospital-based services only. You will receive separate invoices from your physicians, as physician charges are not included in the list below.

The charges that any individual patient receives for his/her care vary based on that specific patient’s needs and physician decisions made during the delivery of care. Guthrie cannot guarantee which services physicians may deem necessary over the course of your visit or treatment. Often, a single visit to your provider includes more than one charge(service) listed on this list. In addition, some physicians or providers are not employed by Guthrie, and may have different physician charges and network participation—all which could contribute to how much you may pay for a given service. Click here for a list of those providers not employed by Guthrie. Please refer to your invoice to see the accurate list and description of charges(service) rendered by your provider.

In order to navigate to the page that includes Guthrie’s charges as of 1/1/2019 for its patient services, please complete the form below.  We may reach out to you to make sure all of your questions regarding Guthrie’s charges are answered.

Understanding What You Will Pay

Your actual financial responsibility will, in almost all cases, be lower than these charges and depends on your specific insurance coverage and plan. There are times when health insurance may even consider a service non-covered. We encourage you to contact your insurance company directly to confirm your co-insurance, deductible, and/or co-pay amounts as well as what may be considered non-covered. 

To understand terminology and various sections of your bill please click here 
For additional information, including an estimate of what you will pay, please contact us at:

  • Guthrie Corning Hospital: 607-937-7518
  • Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, Troy Community Hospital and Towanda Memorial Hospital: 570-887-4371
  • Guthrie Cortland Medical Center: 607-756-3838

Special Assistance Programs

Guthrie offers several programs designed to assist patients with the affordability of health care services including the following programs:

We can also assist patients who do not have health insurance or need to recertify their Medicaid coverage. We are committed to provide you the best care possible regardless of your ability to pay.

Acknowledgement of Understanding

I have read the above information and understand that my patient responsibility is a function of many factors, including my insurance, special programs listed above, and the specific care I receive. In most cases, my patient responsibility is significantly lower than billed charges.