Department Captains champion the campaign and ensure each area of the organization is hearing about the important message that giving is powerful. We are encouraging managers to identify emerging leaders from their departments who would be willing to represent their department as a captain. 

What Does a Department Captain and Campaign Champion Do?

As a Champion, you spread the word, answer questions and encourage participation in the 2022 Caregiver Campaign. Here’s the info you need to know!

Share Campaign information with your department

  • Put up posters in your break room
  • Share campaign info at your staff meeting (or invite a member of Resource Development to answer questions).
  • Host a kick-off with your team.

Encourage participation – Throughout March, you’ll receive a series of campaign emails from your manager that include information, donation links, highlights of the incentives and prizes. You can forward these emails to your team with a personal note reminding them to participate!

Be a resource - Answer questions about how to give and what areas people can give at Guthrie.

Champion Timeline and To Do!

Week of February 28

Keep an eye out for your campaign champion supplies from your manager! Display campaign posters and table tents in areas frequented by caregivers.

  • Paper pledge forms 
  • Frequently asked questions about the campaign
  • Promotional materials to share in breakrooms 
  • Virtual took kit 
  • March 1: Caregiver campaign kick-off and Q&A session Teams call!
Week of March 7

Campaign in full swing! All caregivers will receive a postcard and email reminders, March 7 through March 28. When you receive these items, it’s a great time to remind your colleagues to join the campaign.

Weeks of March 7 – March 28

Encourage your colleagues to join the campaign!

  • Share the campaign info at your team meeting or invite us to share the info
  • Share your own story or why you give
  • Answer any questions and thank your colleagues for their participation

Look out for your incentive thank you gifts after the campaign!