Meet Some Donors

“One of the constants is the need for high quality health care close to home. We are proud to support Guthrie and the positive impact it brings to our community.”

David and Judy Iocco

"I marvel at the fact that we have a world-class hospital in our backyard. I'm in awe of the quality of the services there - the cancer center, the cardiac program, the surgical procedures. The administrators are such excellent people, deeply involved in the community. We are very fortunate."

Henry & Sarah Dunn

"It's our privilege to work with several fine local organizations. We believe in Guthrie’s mission of bringing the highest level of care to the greatest number of people possible in this rural area.”

Howard & Olynda Smith

“Having lived and worked in Bradford County, Caroline and I have long recognized the importance of access to high quality health care for the people of our area."

Kenneth & Caroline Taylor