Maintaining Weight Loss

Obesity is a life-long disease. Achieving your healthy weight does not mean your work is over. Maintaining a healthy weight requires a commitment to follow the principles we teach you in regards to healthy eating and physical activity. 

It is important to check in with your weight loss team as recommended. For some patients, this may mean more than once a year. As a patient, if you struggle with staying on track, keeping connected with specific members of the weight loss team may assist you in achieving and maintaining your individual goals.

It is never too late.  If you find that you have gotten off track, contact us so we can help you.  The Guthrie Weight Loss Center works with each patient to create and modify individualized plans.  Depending upon where you are in your journey, we can support, work with and encourage you.  Our focus is on building long-term, sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits that assist you in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and improved quality of life for years to come.