Joint Camp FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Joint Replacement

How do I know I need joint replacement?

When joint pain interferes with your ability to function and you are no longer able to carry out daily activities without pain, joint replacement may be a viable option for you.

Am I too young for joint replacement?

An artificial joint lasts about fifteen to 20 years, depending on your activity level. If the new joint allows you to return to pre-surgery activities that place stress on the joint (running, tennis, etc.) and you are fairly young at the time of joint replacement, a second joint replacement may become necessary later in your life.

How long is the recovery period?

Recovery time is generally about two months.

Do most insurance companies cover joint replacement?


If I need both knees or both hips replaced, will they do them both at the same time?

It is preferable to replace one joint at a time; however, based on your individual needs, your surgeon may choose simultaneous bilateral knee or hip replacement, which is routinely done at Guthrie.

How much will this operation hurt – more or less than the pain I’m in now? How long will the post-operative pain last?

Because of the surgery, your pain may initially be worse, immediately after the surgery through the first two weeks following surgery. Once the surgical pain diminishes, you should notice that the arthritic pain due to the bad joint has markedly decreased, and you should continue to improve as the healing progresses.

How will my pain be controlled?

At Guthrie Joint Camp, we pay considerable attention to pain management. Your pain will be treated with intravenous (IV) pain medication following surgery, and once the IV's are removed, you will be offered oral pain medication every four hours. Our goal is to manage your pain effectively and maximize your comfort.

What is the new joint made of?

There are many options including metal (such as cobalt chrome or titanium,) plastic and ceramic. Your doctor will discuss your options with you to determine the material best suited for you.

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