Interview Day

We are excited to welcome selected applicants to an interview! We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to meet our applicants. We’re also excited for our applicants to have the chance to meet our outstanding residents and learn more about our program.

The interview day at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital has two purposes main purposes. First, it allows us to confirm the information provided in applicants ERAS application as well as getting to know them better.; The second purpose in to give applicants a chance to learn more about our program, the area, our faculty, and our residents

On the weekend prior to an applicant’s interview (generally on Sunday late afternoon), they are invited to a resident-sponsored Microsoft Teams session. This allows applicants a chance to ask current residents questions in a relaxed video call.

We interview applicants during a three week stretch in early November. Each interview session last approximately one hour.

To begin the interview, you will meet with our Program Coordinator, Kyle Williams. He will discuss the interview process as well as provide a virtual tour of our campus. Following the virtual tour, the formal interview will begin. Our interview session is a round-robin style interview. We will have multiple faculty members involved who will take turns asking a series of predetermined questions. The questions will touch on the following aspects: Motivation, Work Ethic, Self-Control, Personality, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, and Adaptability. At the end of the formal interview, applicants will have a chance to ask any questions he or she may have.

Interviews with faculty and residents are typically casual. We ask all applicants to relax, be honest, and enjoy your time with us a Guthrie Anesthesiology.