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This is why you need a colonoscopy, when you should get one and what to expect during the test.

Colonoscopies are the best way to detect colorectal cancer. And even if you’re a woman, you need one. Although some people think of colorectal cancer as a men’s disease, women are just as much at risk. A colonoscopy can reduce your risk by up to 60%.


Delicious turkey sausage gives scrambled eggs a whole new flavor. Quick and easy, this high protein breakfast or brunch recipe is an egg recipe you will turn to again and again.

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It may have taken years or decades of abnormal physiology and struggling with good choices to put weight on, but once we are committed to change, we want it off now!

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This is how you can avoid a trip to the ER when skiing, snowboarding or skating.

Participating in winter sports is a great way to stay fit while having fun with family and friends. But skiing, snowboarding and ice skating account for thousands of emergency room visits a year, so it’s important to know how to do it safely.


Why it’s important to pay attention to how much added sugar is in your diet.

Sugar. It’s everywhere. You’ll not only find sugar in places you would expect – like cookies and candy – but it’s hiding in places you might not think of, like yogurt, ketchup and packaged foods that don’t even taste sweet. And those drinks that keep you going all day long? Chances are a majority of your daily sugar intake is coming from them.


Tired of losing and gaining the same few pounds over and over again? These tips can help you lose the weight for good.

Losing weight tops the list of resolutions Americans make at the start of each new year, accounting for an estimated 25% of all resolutions. But most people find their determination only lasts a few weeks at best. That’s because many approach weight loss in ways that are hard to live with.


From dry skin to colds to back pain, winter can be a rough season for wellness. Stay well by following these tips.


Even on cold and cloudy days, UV rays can damage your skin.

When was the last time you braced yourself for a bitterly cold and blustery day by grabbing a bottle of Banana Boat and a pair of Ray Bans?


Don’t let holiday celebrations sabotage your weight loss efforts. Here are 7 strategies that can help.

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Walking is a great way to increase the amount of physical activity you do. These tips can get you started.

Walking is a low-risk physical activity that’s the perfect way to ease into moving more if you’ve been relatively sedentary. It can also be adapted to any fitness level, making it an extremely versatile way to increase fitness and improve your health.

In addition to helping you lose weight, walking offers a number of health benefits including: