Members and Roles


Guthrie Corning Hospital
Acts as convener of the Fit & Strong Together Community Coalition; provides a location for monthly meetings and administrative support.

Corning-Painted Post School District
Implements programs to improve physical fitness and nutrition education, and works to provide healthy school lunches and snacks.

Corning-Painted Post School District Foundation
Acts as fiduciary for contributions to the school district intended to improve student fitness and nutrition.

Corning Community YMCA
Develops and implements programs for children/families to improve fitness and health.

Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Provides financial and in-kind support for health education and fitness programs.

Steuben Rural Health Network
Provides programs and grants to promote healthy lifestyles in Steuben County.

Steuben County Public Health
Promotes healthy lifestyles through education and other services; acts as a conduit for state health grants.

Provides physicians and other healthcare providers to serve the health needs of the community; pediatricians and family practice physicians work with children/families to promote healthy lifestyles and good health practices.

Healthworks Wellness and Fitness Center
Offers programs and individual consultation related to fitness and nutrition.

Cornell Cooperative Extension
Provides programs and materials aimed at healthy eating and improving nutrition knowledge.


Elizabeth Corveleyn, Community Volunteer