Gastroenterology Fellowship Rotations

Academic Year 2020-2021


1st YEAR


2nd YEAR

    Block # (Fellow A) (Fellow B)   (Fellow A) (Fellow B)
1-Jul 30-Jul #1 IP Endo/Res   Nutrition/ IP Hepatology
31-Jul 27-Aug #2 Endo/Res IP   Hepatology Nutrition/ IP
28-Aug 24-Sep #3 IP Endo/Res   Rad/Path Endo/Res
25-Sep 22-Oct #4 Endo/Res IP   Endo/Res Rad/Path
23-Oct 19-Nov #5 IP Endo/Res   Hepatology Endo/Res
20-Nov 17-Dec #6 Endo/Res IP   Endo/Res Hepatology
18-Dec 14-Jan #7 IP Hep/Trans   IBD Endo/Res
15-Jan 11-Feb #8 Hep/Trans IP   Endo/Res IBD
12-Feb 10-Mar #9 IP Rad/Path   Elective Elective (CCFA)
11-Mar 7-Apr #10 Rad/Path IP   Endo/Res (Adv) Hep/Trans
8-Apr 5-May #11 IP Endo/Res   Hep/Trans Endo/Res (Adv)
6-May 2-Jun #12 Endo/Res IP   Endo/Res (Adv) Elective
3-Jun 30 Ju #13 IP Endo/Res   Elective Endo/Res (Adv)


  • IP = Inpatient Service
  • IBD = Inpt and Outpt IBD
  • Endo/Res = Outpt Endoscopy/Research
  • Hep/Trans = Transplant Hepatology (Hershey)
  • Radiology/Path = Radiology/Patholgy
  • Hepatology = Inpt and Outpt Hepatology
  • Endo/Res = Advanced Endo (Hospital)/Research